Friday, 11 May 2012

Today’s Meeting with Social Works Glasgow

Good Afternoon
I met with Stephen and Ann today from adult services social work Glasgow, we discussed ways to further my awareness campaign along with discussing caring for my mum and dementia. Ann is setting up some talks for me with staff along with students studying social care. We also discussed ways of encouraging and reaching out to families and carers to make them more aware and have access to help that’s already available to them in the area they live. We also had a quick chat about the motion I had passed at Glasgow City Council earlier this year and she has offered to help me put some focus groups together and for me to attend to try and find out the feelings and thought of families and carers as this will form a big part of this report and project. I am grateful for the time they have given me lately.  I hope anyone reading this knows it ok to ask for help, I wish I had a lot sooner in my personal journey caring for my mum

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